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Strength of Material-by R K Bansal pdf. Book
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Brief Contents of Strength of Material: 
Book Name: Strength of Material pdf Book
Author's Name: R K Bansal
Categories: Mechanical Engineering e-books and ME job Preparations
PDF Size: 24.5 MB
PDF Quality: Excellent
Total pages of the Book: 611
Publisher's of the Book: S.I Publications
Editions: Fourth Edition
Status: Full PDF Book
Downloading status: [FREE]
Uploading date:20/06/2020
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Simple Stresses and Strains, Elasticity and Elastic limit, Hook’s Law and Elastic Moduli, Modulus of Elasticity (Young’s Modulus), Factor of safety, Constitutive relationship between Stress and Strain, Analysis of Bars of Varying section, Analysis of Uniform tapering circular Rod, Analysis of Uniform tapering Rectangular Rod, Thermal Stresses, Thermal Stress in composite bar, Elastic Constants, Longitudinal Strain, Lateral Strain, Poisson’s Ratio, Volumetric Strain, Volumetric Strain of a Cylindrical Rod, Principle Stress and Strain, Strain Energy and Impact Loading, Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia, Share Force and Bending Moment, Bending Stresses in Beams, Share Stresses in Beams, Direct and Bending Sending Stresses,  Dams and Rotating Walls, Analysis of Perfect Frames, Deflection of Beams, Deflection of Cantilevers, Conjugate Beam Method, Propped Cantilevers and Beams, Fixed and Continuous Beams, Torsion of Shaft and springs, Thin Cylinder and Sphere, Thick Cylinder and Sphere, Columns and struts, Riveted Joints, Welded Joints, Rotating Disc and Cylinder, Bending of Curved Bars, Theories of Failure.

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