Saifur's Math Full Book pdf. Free Download

S@ifurs M@th Full Book pdf []

Saifur's Math Full Book pdf. free download
Saifur's Math Full Book pdf./studybd


Brief Description of S@ifur's M@th Full Book pdf :

  • Book Name: Saifur's Math Full Book pdf
  • Name of the writer: Md. Saifur Rahman
  • Category of the book: Basic MathBCS & Bank Job Preparation
  • Publisher of the book: S@ifur's Publications
  • Total Page of book: 611 Pages
  • PDF Size: 87 MB
  • PDF Quality: Excellent
  • Editions: Second
  • Language: Bangla and English
  • Status: Full pdf Book
  • Downloading Status: FREE
  • Uploading Date: 06/04/2020 
  • Book Related to Basic MathBCS & Bank Job Preparation
Contents:  Odd-Man-Out & Series, Numbers, Fractions, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Interest, Ratio & Proportions, Partership, Average, Age, Time & Distance, Time & Work, Train, Chain Rule, Combinations, Permutation & Probability.

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