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Heat Transfer" By Yunus A. Cengel
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Brief Contents of Heat Transfer pdf Book.: 
Book Name: THeat Transfer pdf Book
Author's Name: Yunus A. Cengel
Categories: Mechanical Engineering e-books and ME job Preparations
PDF Size: 12 MB
PDF Quality: Excellent
Total pages of the Book: 873
Publisher's of the Book: S.I Publications
Editions: Tenth Edition
Status: Full PDF Book
Language: English
Downloading status: [FREE]
Uploading date: 13/03/2020
Book Related to Mechanical Engineering e-books and ME job Preparations

    Contents: BASICS OF HEAT TRANSFER: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Engineering Heat Transfer, Heat and Other Forms of Energy, The First Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer Mechanisms, Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Simultaneous Heat Transfer Mechanism, HEAT CONDUCTION EQUATION: One-Dimensional Heat Conduction Equation, General Heat Conduction Equation, Boundary and Initial Conditions, Heat Generation in a Solid, Variable Thermal Conductivity, STEADY HEAT CONDUCTIO: Steady Heat Conduction in Plane Walls, Thermal Contact Resistance, Generalized Thermal Resistance Networks, Heat Conduction in Cylinders and Spheres, Critical Radius of Insulation, Heat Transfer from Finned Surfaces, Heat Transfer in Common Configurations, TRANSIENT HEAT CONDUCTION: Lumped System Analysis, Transient Heat Conduction in Large Plane Walls, Long Cylinders, and Spheres with Spatial Effects, Transient Heat Conduction in Semi-Infinite Solids, Transient Heat Conduction in Multidimensional Systems, NUMERICAL METHODS IN HEAT CONDUCTION: Finite Difference Formulation of Differential Equations, One-Dimensional Steady Heat Conduction, Two-Dimensional Steady Heat Conduction, Transient Heat Conduction, FUNDAMENTALS OF CONVECTION: Physical Mechanism on Convection, Classification of Fluid Flows, Velocity Boundary Layer, Thermal Boundary Layer, Laminar and Turbulent Flows, Heat and Momentum Transfer in Turbulent Flow, Derivation of Differential Convection Equations, EXTERNAL FORCED CONVECTION, INTERNAL FORCED CONVECTION , NATURAL CONVECTION , BOILING AND CONDENSATION , FUNDAMENTALS OF THERMAL RADIATIO , RADIATION HEAT TRANSFER , HEAT EXCHANGERS , MASS TRANSFER: Boundary Conditions, COOLING OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT.

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