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Theory of Machines_By-R.S.Khurmi and J.K. Gupta pdf []

     Definition: The subject Theory of Machines may be defined as that branch of Engineering-science, which deals with the study of relative motion between the various parts of a machine, and forces which act on them. A machine is a device which receives energy in some available form and utilises it to do some particular type of work.

Theory of Machines_R.S.Khurmi
Theory of Machines_By-R.S.Khurmi and J.K. Gupta pdf/studybd


Brief Contents of Theory of Machines pdf Book.: 
Book Name: Theory of Machines pdf Book
Author's Name: R.S.Khurmi and J.K. Gupta
Categories: Mechanical Engineering e-books and ME job Preparations
PDF Size: 16 MB
PDF Quality: Excellent
Total pages of the Book: 1070
Publisher's of the Book: S.I Publications
Editions: Tenth Edition
Status: Full PDF Book
Language: English
Downloading status: [FREE]
Uploading date: 21/03/2020
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    Contents: Introduction, Kinematics of Motions: Plain Motion, Rectilinear Motion, Curvilinear Motion, Linear Displacement, Linear Velocity, Linear Acceleration, Graphical Representation of Velocity, Kinetics of Motions: Newton’s Second Law, Mass and weight, Momentum, Force, Moment of a force, Centrifugal force, Centripetal force, Simple Harmonic Motion: Velocity and Acceleration of a particle Moving with Simple Harmonic Motion, Simple Mechanisms, Velocity in Mechanisms (Instantaneous Centre Method), Velocity in Mechanisms (Relative Velocity Method), Acceleration in  Mechanisms: Acceleration Diagram of a link, Acceleration of a point in a link, Mechanisms with lower pairs, Friction, Belt, Rope and Chain Drive, Toothed Gearing, Gear Train, Gyroscopic Couple and Precessional Motion, Inertia Force in Reciprocating parts, Turning Moment Diagram and Flywheel, Steam Engine valves and  Reversing Gear, Governors, Brakes and Dynamometers, Cams, Balancing of Rotating Masses, Longitudinal and Transverse Vibrations, Torsional Vibrations, Computer Aided Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms, Automatic Control.

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