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Machine Design by R.S.KHURMI AND J.K.GUPTA []

Machine Design by R.S.KHURMI AND J.K.GUPTA
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Brief Contents of Machine Design pdf Book.: 
Book Name: Machine Design pdf Book
Author's Name: R.S.Khurmi and J.K. Gupta
Categories: Mechanical Engineering e-books and ME job Preparations
PDF Size: 23 MB
PDF Quality: Excellent
Total pages of the Book: 1251
Publisher's of the Book: S.I Publications
Editions: Tenth Edition
Status: Full PDF Book
Language: English
Downloading status: [FREE]
Uploading date: 18/03/2020
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    Contents:1.Introduction: Definition, Classifications of Machine Design, General Considerations in Machine Design, General Procedure in Machine Design, Fundamental Units, Derived Units, System of Units, S.I Units (International System of Units), Work, Power, Energy. 2. Engineering Materials and Their Properties 3. Manufacturing Considerations in Machine Design Simple Stresses in Machine Parts Torsional and Bending Stresses in Machine Parts Variable Stresses in Machine Parts Pressure Vessels:  1. Introduction. 2. Classification of Pressure Vessels. 3. Stresses in a Thin Cylindrical Shell due to an Internal Pressure. 4. Circumferential or Hoop Stress. 5. Longitudinal Stress. 6. Change in Dimensions of a Thin Cylindrical Shell due to an Internal Pressure.  10. Compound Cylindrical Shells. 11. Stresses in Compound Cylindrical Shells. 12. Cylinder Heads and Cover Plates. Pipes and Pipe Joints Riveted Joints Welded Joints Screwed Joints Cotter and Knuckle Joints Keys and Coupling Shafts:  1. Introduction. 2. Material Used for Shafts. 3. Manufacturing of Shafts. 4. Types of Shafts. 5. Standard Sizes of Transmission Shafts. 6. Stresses in Shafts. 7. Maximum Permissible Working Stresses for Transmission Shafts. 8. Design of Shafts. 9. Shafts Subjected to Twisting Moment Only. 10. Shafts subjected to Bending Moment Only. 11. Shafts Subjected to Combined Twisting Moment and Bending Moment.14. Design of Shafts on the Basis of Rigidity. Columns and Struts Power Screws Flat Belt Drives Flat Belt Pulleys V-Belt and Rope Drives:  1. Introduction. 2. Types of V-belts and Pulleys. 3. Standard Pitch Lengths of V-belts. 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of V-belt Drive over Flat Belt Drive. 5. Ratio of Driving Tensions for V-belt. 6. V-flat Drives. 7. Rope Drives. 8. Fibre Ropes. 9. Advantages of Fibre Rope Drives. 10. Sheave for Fibre Ropes. 11. Ratio of Driving Tensions for Fibre Rope. 12. Wire Ropes. 13. Advantages of Wire Ropes. 14. Construction of Wire Ropes. 15. Classification of Wire Ropes.

16. Designation of Wire Ropes. 17. Properties of Wire Ropes. 18. Diameter of Wire and Area of Wire Rope.19. Factor of Safety for Wire Ropes.20. Wire Rope
Sheaves and Drums. 21. Wire Rope Fasteners. 22. Stresses in Wire Ropes. 23. Procedure for Designing a Wire Rope. Flywheel:  1. Introduction. 2. Coefficient of Fluctuation of Speed. 3. Fluctuation of Energy. 4. Maximum Fluctuation of
Energy. 5. Coefficient of Fluctuation of Energy. 6. Energy Stored in a Flywheel. 7. Stresses in a Flywheel Rim. 8. Stresses in Flywheel Arms. 9. Design of
Flywheel Arms. 10. Design of Shaft, Hub and Key. 11. Construction of Flywheels. Springs Brakes, Sliding Contact Bearings, Rolling Contact Bearings, Spur Gears, Internal Combustion Engine Parts.

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